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Children looking
for their parents

Children looking for their parents

The newsreel “The Eye-Witness” held this campaign from 1946 to 1948: short reports about children who list their parents during the confusion of war.
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  • The Eye-Witness

    The DEFA weekly newsreel "The Eye-Witness" provides an historic, revealing insight into three decades of current affairs, Cold War politics and media policy. more …

    The Eye-Witness - Der Augenzeuge
  • Defa Feature Films

    950 feature films: From the very first German post-war feature film to films made during the post-German reunification transitional years from 1990 to 1993. more …

    DEFA Feature Film: The Legend Of Paul And Paula - Die Legende von Paul und Paula
  • GDR films commissioned by parties et al.

    More than 3,000 GDR films commissioned by ministries, parties and mass organizations are exploited by PROGRESS – exclusive, worldwide and commercial. more …

    Army documentary with Sigmund Jähn
  • The Cintec Archive

    From the final years of the GDR to the post-German reunification period – The West Berlin Cintec Archive (1984-2005). more …

    The Cintec Archive
  • The Archive of Contemporary Witnesses

    Biographies of the century – The Zeitzeugen Archive consists of autobiographical accounts by leading figures of the 20th century. more …

    The Archive of Contemporary Witnesses (Zeitzeugen-Archiv): Heiner Müller
  • The Wydoks Archive

    Punk and Berlin subculture – The Wydoks Archive founded by the punk band leader of Feeling B, Aljoscha Rompe. more …

    The Wydoks Archive: Feeling B goes U.S. – Star Trek
  • The productions by the DEFA Foundation

    DEFA, the red dream factory – The productions by the DEFA Foundation (1999-2006) feature interviews with film people. more …

    The productions by the DEFA Foundation: Jutta Hoffmann

Moving, exceptional and only available from PROGRESS

We are the worldwide exclusive distributor of the complete stock of DEFA films from the former East Germany (GDR).

Whether you are looking for historical or contemporary footage or works of fiction, we deliver the images that you need – we visualize your content and ideas.

Our comprehensive archive boasts one of the largest collections of footage in Germany, with 15,000 films of all types, raw and unreleased material, and excerpts from seven decades and seven collections.

Highlights include the first German post-war weekly newsreel, "Der Augenzeuge" ("The Eye-Witness"), which regularly informed cinema audiences in East Germany about current national and international events until 1980.

Only at PROGRESS will you find archive material from the TV-free era between 1946 and the early 1950s in the Soviet Occupation Zone and the GDR. Additional shots and unused footage from "The Eye-Witness" present a wealth of unusual and, in some cases, as yet unknown material.

Our team of experts with years of experience gives you advice and provides quick and reliable service.

"See for yourself – listen for yourself – judge for yourself!"

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